Event Rules



For day trips, we won’t offer the meals. You have to arrange your own. For overnight trips, we will provide breakfast and dinner.



We require payment in full within five days after we get permits. If your payment is overdue, we won’t postpone the trip. If you wish to cancel, we can refund 100% up to two weeks before the hike, 60% up to eight days before the hike and 0% if cancelled less than a week before the hike.


**Here are three conditions you MUST be notice**

1. Before departure, if we are notified the park closures by meteorological institutes and national parks, we will postpone without deducting expense. Only if you wish to cancel for unable to postpone, will we deduct the necessary charge. If the people who wish to postpone have to choose other itineraries, we will deem the itinerary fares what you choose to require you pay more or refund you. When not enough people register the trip, we have the right to cancel and refund all of your expense up to three days before the trip.

2. After departure, if the Central Weather Bureau issues a sea warning, the group leader will deem the condition to decide what to do. No refund will be given if the group leader deems to cancel to enter mountain or choose the other safer itineraries. No refund will be given if the team has to turn back because of weather factor or other emergency happened.

3. Considering the time and safety on team position, the group leader will unconditionally end your unfinished trip for your personal factor. No refund should be required. Other derivative costs should be on your account. 



Whichever kinds of trip you choose, we will get everyone accident insurance (NT$2 million) and medical insurance (NT$0.2 million).



More than 7 people a team can appoint the departure date. If you wish to attend our activities, please send your personal information to our mailbox.


Here are two kinds of registration as below.


Yushan activities: wahamf0707@gmail.com.

TEL: 04-25229386     FAX: 04-25123196

Other activities: wahamf1016@gmail.com or ymsnp1016@yahoo.com.tw.

TEL: 04-25227745     FAX: 04-25123196


**Personal information**

Name, Date of birth, ID number (or passport number), Address, Telephone & cell phone number, Emergent contact person name & telephone number, and  Vegetarian or non-vegetarian.


Please arrange your payment to the below account

Bank Name: Chang Hwa Bank

Bank Branch: Fengyuan Branch

SWIFT Code: 009

Remitter Name: CHEN, SUNG-YI

Remitter Account No. 5838-51-14539-300

Remitter Address:

1F., No.220, Zhongzheng Rd., Fengyuan Dist., Taichung City 42056, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



If your payment has been remitted to the appointed bank, please fax or email the last five number of your account to check.

FAX: 04-25123196

Email: wahamf1016@gmail.com   ymsnp1016@yahoo.com.tw


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